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Ode To Life


To live every moment like your last and value every second you have with all the people you care about. Every little experience — every joy, sorrow, pain, laughter, disappointment and moment of pure happiness teaches you something you would not normally learn; beyond expression. Without all these little experiences, life would be nothing but an empty gift box. Beautiful, still, but filled with nothing.

Those times when you feel like giving up, because “everything is going wrong,” remember why you held on in the first place. It will be worth it in the end; If it’s not worth it, it’s not the end.

You will change friends faster than time. They will come and they will go. But only some of them are worth chasing, and those are the ones who will teach you the value of friendship. Choose wisely, though, because who they are, is who you will become.

You’re going to suffer some losses too. Some that you may never understand. So don’t take too long to appreciate what is in front of you. If you find someone worth loving, love them completely, because you never know how absolutely perfect it may be. And if you get hurt, it’s okay, because now you are that much stronger and more careful with whom you give your heart. The truth is, everyone is going to hurt you; it is up to you to decide who is worth the pain. And at the end of the day, you will learn to love yourself more than anything, because you can never disappoint you.

I have existed for 18 years. Simple existence; nothing more, nothing less. Eighteen years of observing and learning how to live. Don’t think about why you are here. It will come to you in the midst of your being.

We go about our everyday lives living for tomorrow, for next week, for summer vacation 24 weeks away. And we ignore and take advantage of all those little moments that add up as time goes on. And before you know it, it’s next year, and you want to go back. Because you finally realised how much time you wasted making the wrong things the centre of your world. And soon enough, but never too quickly, you start to understand life a bit more; that you can’t go back … to anything.

You blink once, and it’s gone forever.

Funny how from day to day, nothing changes. But when you look back, everything is different.

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