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Old Habits Die Hard

I am back to my insomniac ways.

Due to recent events, I think ’tis safe to conclude that I can only sleep when I have a clear mind. It seems as if the stars only aligned for my birthday with some kind of plea bargain that ended as soon as the weekend did; because aside from said weekend, September has been a disappointment.

I am somewhat flabbergasted that I am even able to pay any attention to my schoolwork, but I managed to spend the past weekend reading and summarising all 7 chapters of that Spanish novel I told you about.

As for the tests I took last week, surely I proved myself right in a complete oxymoron kind of way. It always happens that when I leave a test feeling confident with the ease of which I was able to answer each question, I always manage to disappoint myself. But if I take a test and swear up and down that I failed it, I end up passing with flying colours. How does this happen? How is it that the class I pay the least attention to is the class I am doing the best in?

No doubt my grammar test was the hardest last week. I walked out feeling as if I mixed up a verbal clause with a verbal phrase. I had a hard time using “imagine” as a noun, and I kept confusing myself in regards to complex and compound sentences. When we got back the test papers today, I was the last to turn it over, only to reveal a B printed in the top left-hand corner. Normally, I do not rejoice for B’s, but it being the hardest test of the semester, I think I can be satisfied.

As for the “easy” statistics test, I will just mention that my grade is not a proper reflection of that adverb. (Perhaps I should have used another.) I am in such a state of disbelief that I must go to the office hours and see it for myself. I actually studied for that test. When do I ever study for anything? Not even my grammar test was so lucky.

Lastly, my world religions class. When was the last time you heard me talk about that class? Never? Perhaps. I got an A on that test – despite the fact that I missed the review for no real reason, am always walking in 15 minutes late if at all, and spend most of the class time on my phone.

Yeah, I never cease to amaze myself.

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