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On To More Unimportant Things.

It is October and I have yet to go back to Miami to visit my friends, my car Fabian, and my house. It probably does not sound like a big deal to you, but to me that is majour.

At first, the weeks went by and I never really noticed. Now that I am so engulfed in endless schoolwork, I realise that even if I wanted to go home for a weekend, I would not have the time to do so. I could always just wait until thanksgiving, which I might end up doing, but that seems oh so far away. (On the plus side, after Thanksgiving means Christmas break!)

Mother dearest came up here this past weekend for “UCF Family Weekend.” She did not cook as much as she probably should have, but it was nice to have her here. I went grocery shopping as usual, and we did some of the family things that my school had planned. We got a caricature that literally took the artist, Maria Bolton, about 3 minutes to draw.

Last but certainly not least we went to the mall, wherein I spent a bit of my birthday money on clothes from American Eagle. They were all lovely, but my favourite shirt by far was not bought in Aerie. I won’t reveal it’s origin, but look, and enjoy. 🙂

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