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Only The Best Month Ever

School, birthdays, and staying healthy is really kicking my ass this month.

Most of the important people will be celebrating their birthday this month, if not already. I have been preoccupied with schoolwork, and I have finally gotten over my lonely spell. I feel totally horrible that I have not been writing in my blog, but I guess nothing fascinating has happened between now and Monday. Hopefully that will soon change.

So for lack of anything better to write about, I will make this about my plans for this weekend. I do not have many, but tomorrow is my old roomie’s birthday. Apparently we will be going to a restaurant called “Texas de Brazil.” It is buffet style with a whole lot of meat, and there will be a nice group of us. The only problem? I do not eat meat. But I hear they do not allow people into buffets without paying first. I’m not sure if I am willing to pay $25 to not eat. But I must attend!

On another note, my birthday is coming up as well. I’m thinking about going to Islands of Adventure. (Its my attempt to subside the nostalgia I have been feeling since my last blog.) It is also my attempt at escaping the schoolwork. I figure I have lived in Orlando for about a year now, and I have not patronised any of the theme parks or water parks. (‘Sup with that?)

Everyone is invited ! UCF students get practically a 50% discount to go there, which I am super thankful for. So yes, I will take full advantage of that on my day of birth.

As for the school aspect of my life, I think I am being a huge baby right now. My work-load really is not that much, or rather it is not anything I cannot handle. Aside from the grammar class that I so much adore, I am also taking Spanish, World Religion, and Statistics. The latter two are the ones I have payed the least attention to.

Hinduism does fascinate me, but I have trouble refraining from the blackberry in between note-taking. Stats on the other hand; I will take full responsibility for my confusion. I am certain the information is not complicated, but I think I can count on one hand how many times I have been to that class since the semester began. Wait wait. Before you shake your head, let me argue this a little. What sense is it to go to class when you do not pay attention? Or rather, when the notes are all online!

Furthermore, I have been to every lab, (which happens to be at 10 30am on Fridays) and the discussion is not the important part anyway. All I need to do is get myself to pay attention in there and then I will be fine.

What can I say. My brain is still on Vacation.

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