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Isn’t it funny how the world keeps spinning no matter how broken you are inside?

No matter how much you wish that the sun would stop shining, the clock would stop ticking, the world would stop spinning.. And every one would just pause for just a minute and acknowledge the fact that your heart is shredded, your body is weak and you want nothing more than a comfortable bed and a tissue.

It’s that can’t eat, can’t sleep I-wish-I-knew-it-would-end-this-way type of pain. The kind that makes you feel like the world may as well just end now because it clearly isn’t what you thought it was to begin with.

But that is just it.. The world does not revolve because we tell it to. It spins because it has to; just the same as the grass has to grow, the sun has to shine, the birds have to chirp. Everything has its place in the balance of life.

And just like the good times never last, the heartache will eventually subside.

The fact is that things are always going to happen that make us feel like we have no reason to keep going, but there is always a better option than quitting. Just imagine how much better happiness feels when you have already experienced pain; how much better winning feels when you have already failed. Good just wouldn’t be good if it wasn’t for bad.

And even though right now I feel like this pain will never go away, I already know within myself that in due time, something beautiful is going to replace it.  Something so beautiful, in fact, that I would rewind and do this all over again just to get back to that same happy place that would not exist if it weren’t for the sad one.

So until then, I’m dusting off my shoulders and picking myself up off the floor–because the longer I wait, the more chances I give other people to step on me while they walk by.

And I’d rather not be roadkill.

#patience #relationship #heartbreak #pain #time

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