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Out of My Mind

I spent today trying to get my mind off what has made me lose 3 pounds in two days.

I am down to 108. When was the last time I weighed that little? I have no idea. Don’t get me wrong, my aim is 105. But I had no intentions of losing the weight like this. What can I say though. I brought this upon myself by making the most ridiculous mistake that I am not sure I can live with.

I woke up extremely early today again because I am having trouble sleeping. (Not even my favourite hobby is enough to keep me out of my head.) I stayed up until the afternoon when I decided to get up and get ready for a dim sum day with my friends, as opposed to laying in bed all day as I have been doing. Dim sum has unofficially been established as our little “thing,” however this time we decided to switch it up a little. We went to a new place that was recommended by stingy chin, who is Jamaican Chinese, and we all agreed to test it out.

The food was very good. I actually ate, for the first time since the week started, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The jokes and laughs were enough to keep me sane throughout our two hour dining experience. At the end, when it was time to part, the frown returned to my face. I was back in my head again; but not for long.

After dim sum, brother unlucky, applebee, another Jamaican Chiney–Lue–, and I went to visit granny. We spent the next few hours there chatting and eating ice cream until now as I am back home and back to sulking. I actually broke my Lenten sacrifice and went on Facebook. I did not check notifications, friend requests, event invitations or anything. I was on for less than a minute, only to see something from yesterday that completely broke my heart. Right there at the top of my news feed.

I guess that is what I get for breaking my sacrifice.

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