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Pride and Celebration

As if we needed another reason to be extremely proud of our little island paradise, Jamaicans all across the world spent the weekend celebrating and rejoicing with a pride unmatched, perhaps, by any other country.

Over the weekend we celebrated two gold, one silver and one bronze medal at the Summer Olympics — all from track and field. (And for just two events, I would say that’s quite a sweep.)

Today we celebrate 50 years of independence, and if there was ever a time when I felt like I was hugely missing out, it does not compare one bit to how I feel now, and how I felt over the weekend as I watched Bolt, Fraser-Pryce, Campbell-Brown and Blake make Jamaica’s presence known at the 2012 London Olympics.

I can just imagine the immensity of the celebrations on the island as the entire population paused yesterday to see Bolt break the Olympic Record he set four years ago. I pictured how Negril put ATI and Dream Weekend on a full pause, as all the drunken party-goers sat around the nearest TV together to watch history. I thought about my country, coming together, to be proud supporters and vicarious cheerleaders of another island-bred legend — meanwhile the US diaspora had to wait upward of 8 hours to see the broadcast on NBC.

Be not mistaken, though. Neither Twitter, BBM nor FaceBook was my informant yesterday, as brother unlucky, mother dearest, Dino-myte, Kat and I sat around a live stream on the computer and watched the races in real time, in conjunction with our home country – and every one else around the world.

And the celebrations ensued in Jamaica after the 9.63 seconds of pure brilliance, to continue into tomorrow, I’m sure, for the country’s independence. To celebrate 50 years of being the likkle, but tallawah, island nation that breeds some of the most diverse, warm and prideful people, bears some of the sweetest and nicest produce, and boasts some of the most beautiful land.

The celebrations continued in my house, too, as brother unlucky turned 24 yesterday and we had the family over to cut cake. Though delayed, we did get to gather around the TV with our family to watch the broadcast of races, again, and be proud of our country from the comfort of our living room.

But not being in Jamaica for the Olympics and the 50th Independence at the same time is definitely a double box across the face.

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