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Rob Me of My Sleep & Sanity

I missed out on the beach yesterday because I was busy picking up an old hobby of mine; painting.

It wasn’t quite the same kind of painting that used to reward me with wall decorations, but it still reminded me of old times. It also required much more work considering I was painting only two of four walls with one of the hardest colours to paint. In the end, the red walls are something to be proud of. My painting partner accidentally got the paint on the other two walls as well because men are not usually as meticulous as women when it comes to things like that. Now I have to prepare to touch them up with white paint, which should be the easy part of the whole ordeal.

I cannot forget to mention the preceding action to the actual painting that took up the majority of the time. For some reason, the previous paint on the walls was stripping in some parts (Perhaps this is due to moisture that raises it from the wall) so we had to go over the entire wall with a scraping tool to strip off the parts that were troublesome. This meant plenty of dust, plenty of sneezes, and plenty of cleaning up.

In the end, the room came out nice. I feel like I am going to wake up in the morning feeling extremely sore–much better than extremely sick though. I went home and drank 3 glasses of orange juice and took a Claritin allergy medicine. I am going to nip these sneezes in the butt before they have a chance to keep me from my beloved beach and possible new years celebrations. Sometimes I think I am allergic to Jamaica.

After all of that hard work, I found just enough energy to go out to a little hang out spot last night with a few of my friends. We were all there socialising for maybe 2 and a half hours before my best friend and me became really tired. On the way back to the house, Jamaica decided to remind us of how careful we have to be. JPS decided to do a routine light check between 12 and 4am so the entire area where my bestie lives was without electricity. This was the perfect opportunity for a little “badmind” (as we call it) thief to burn a hole through the fence, break the car window, and go inside and steal the radio; and that is exactly what happened.

Parked at the top of her driveway, the monster (my favourite car in the whole world) was a target. When we pulled up to the house to open the gate and drive up into the driveway, we saw that the trunk and driver’s door were wide open. At first she almost convinced me that I had left the trunk open, but when I saw that the door was wide open as well I realised that something was up. She pullled up behind the monster and shone her headlights so I could see that no one was there before using the flashlight to notice the broken glass, missing radio, and hole in the fence.

Whoever thought they got a good steal is in for a horrible surprise when they find out the radio was not really working anyway. I am pretty sure they did not want just a penny for their efforts, and hope they do not come back for something more. Still, the part of this that worries me the most is the fact that the car was only parked there for a day. For them to come fully prepared with a tool to burn out the fence as perfectly as they did means that we were being watched.

To perfect it, they waited until the light was gone to creep over and do the deed within about a 2 hour time frame from the time we left to the time we came back. The car was also shifted into second gear, probably because it gave them ample room to take out the radio. I am happy that nothing too valuable was left in there, that only the small back window was broken, and that the gate was locked. That prevented them from rolling the car down the hill and over to wherever it is they came from.

Needless to say, I did not get a very good sleep last night–despite how disgustingly exhausted I was after spending the day painting and cleaning.

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