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For all those who do not know me personally, I have a confession; I am OCD.

What does this mean? It means I take a shower in my rubber slippers. I never sit on the toilet seat. I do not touch my bed unless I just came out of the shower. I clean my microwave, toaster, & garbage bin. My bathroom floor is not my bathroom floor unless it has no hair on it. The basin in my bathroom is not allowed to have water on it. I wash my shower out after I use it. I do not cannot step in or out of my shower unless the water is running. I Lysol my computer chair at least once a day. I wipe down my phone, computer, remote, door handles, faucets, locks, and light switches on a regular basis. I wash my dishes as soon as I am done with them. I spray my room with febreeze every day, and I wash my hands excessively.

By now you are probably wondering where I am going with this (along with thinking I am nuts). I have been made aware throughout my lifetime that I am far above average on the cleanliness scale. This is not a fact I have ever or will ever deny. My standards are in fact much higher than others’ and that is fine. Knowing this factor, I give plenty of leeway to everyone else as far as their cleaning habits. We were not all raised the same way right?

I came to college with this mentality and an extreme amount of tolerance. Last year, I cannot say I had any real issues with the condition of our apartment-style dorm. This year? Oh, this year I have a problem.

I observed the “common area” habits of my hermit roommates all of last semester. ( I assume that is what you are supposed to do when you live with people, especially if they don’t speak to you.) The most pressing issue I noted was that there are always dishes piled up in the sink. The saddest part of this is that I cannot even begin to tell you who is the culprit. What I can say, though, is that there is a strainer on the counter next to the sink, as well as a kitchen towel laid out with dishes on top of it. I concluded that I am probably the only one who uses the dishwasher as a strainer. Nonetheless, I did that all of last semester so this is not a surprise. Further, when I take into account that there are already two strainers, I am left to infer that it is one person who is piling up the dishes. But considering the fact that both sides of the sink are piled high almost all the time, I find it rather disgusting that one person can be so lazy and inconsiderate.

Is she forgetting that three other people live here too? I’d really love to know who she is waiting on to wash them for her. What is worse is that if my guess is correct, she is the one that is here the most. I do not even feel comfortable using my own kitchen. I get by most times only because I use paper plates and plastic utensils. Still, it is a shame that I live in an apartment where I have to find a way around using the sink. So what distracts her from washing the damned dishes?

She, along with the other two, is more interested in indirectly attacking me through the message board in the kitchen because I have never bought garbage bags, or because I accidentally left an almost empty quart of milk in the refrigerator before break. (But when I write on the message board to talk about shit stuff that is actually important—overages— no one responds.) That was a great greeting to come back to let me tell you. On top of the fact that whoever wrote it could not even throw the damned thing away. Did she expect me to come back and drink it or something? Does lumpy milk taste good? I understand it is not their responsibility but seriously.

To further piss me off, and after an already bad day, I came back from campus yesterday, looked in the sink, and noticed that the pile that had been there for about four days and was surrounded by fruit flies was no longer in there. I was so excited that I did not bother to stay in the kitchen much longer. Later on, though, when I went back into the kitchen I opened the dishwasher to find that the dirty dishes had simply been transferred. I was infuriated. I do not know how to use a dishwasher, but it is my belief that the dishes should at least be rinsed off before they go in there, but that is not the problem. Since that is too much work for her able but unwilling hands then the least she could do is wait until I take my clean dishes out before putting her dirty dishes in.

I am absolutely disgusted.

I wrote on the message board this morning before class;

“I think someone forgot to turn on the dishwasher. Where am I supposed to put my dishes?”

To which I got a respond after class;

“The dishes in there are dirty. (No SHIT?!) I wasn’t going to run it until it is full. There is still space on the bottom shelf.”

So, what you are saying is that I am supposed to put my clean dishes in there with yours?! No thanks. I eat from those.

I do not think I will ever figure these people out (and my patience is wearing thin).

*The Pile*

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