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Say It Ain’t So

I never thought this day would come; but alas, it has arrived.

I am reconsidering this whole blackberry thing. Yes, that means I am starting to dislike the damned thing. Why? Well there are a few reasons. I guess this calls for a list.

1. I was always the one to strive on being unique. I loved it when I had things no one else had, or when I was the leader and not the follower. In many respects, I can be considered a “leader” in this blackberry world, because most of the lovely folks on my bbm list got theirs after me. Still, there is such a large group of crackberry addicts walking around, phone in hand, that it is hard to tell who started what. And at this point, it probably does not even matter anymore.

2. People seem to feel free to give out my pin to whoever asks for it. Have you ever thought that maybe, possibly, I did not want that person to have my pin? Perhaps the reason why they have to ask you for it?

3. Not just because we both have a blackberry do we need to add each other. You know we have not held a decent conversation in years, and you are just going to collect dust on my list as I will on yours. You do not have to worry, it will not offend me if I see you with your bb and I don’t have your pin. Spare me !

4. Somehow, I always manage to have some kind of stalker who decides to message me something crazy that makes it seem as if we are the best of friends or – God forbid – anything beyond that. Something that would get me in trouble if that special someone was to get a hold of it. (Yes I am still bitter about that.) Why would you do that? Who really knows. All I am saying is that this could all be avoided if people did not give out my pin.

5. Blackberry’s are far too interactive. I remember when I used to say “why do I need all of those complicated things on a phone? Internet for what when I have a computer. As long as it can make and receive phone calls and text messages, I am fine.” I am starting to go back to that phase now. I really wish UCF did not contact me through facebook, or I would have deleted it ages ago. As for my messenger list, I will certainly be doing some fall cleaning.

6. Have you ever been to a party or social gathering and looked around? The only people who you will see with their noses in their phones are blackberry owners. What ever happened to having a social life? Like a real social life, not a cyber one. We are becoming way too impersonal now. People are so hesitant these days to pick up the phone and call someone. Or to walk over and say hi. They would rather pull out the bb and send a message that says “I see you.” Seriously? If the person is within walking distance I deem it necessary that you get your lazy ass up and walk over to them and say “Hey. ” (So this is what you look like in person. I almost forgot.)

7. Speaking of text messaging, I thoroughly and strongly dislike texting. PLEASE do not text me to start a conversation. I will accept if it you have one thing to say, but to text me and say “hello” like you intend on having me by my phone for the next hour or more responding to you every 2minutes. It is not going to happen. If it is that important, I gather, you can pick up the phone and call me.

8. I am not destructive. But I need a phone that does not fall apart so easily.

We are concentrating on the huge hole in the centre where the trackball used to be. (Which also happens to be the only way to do anything on the stupid phone.)

Need I say more ?

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