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Seriously Though?

I am appalled at what is going on in my home country and the international attention is detrimental to our tourism sector, which is all that the previous political party has left us with.

Ever since the extradition papers were signed by the Prime Minister (PM) for Christopher “Dudus” Coke, Kingston and Saint Andrew residents and onlookers have been on the edge of their seats.

The entire Kingston area was put on lock down sometime last week for “precautionary reasons.” Everyone was sent home and all businesses closed. Yesterday the US navy arrived off the coast of Jamaica meanwhile JDF and JCF headed to Tivoli Gardens to face a stand-off that has extended into today. About an hour ago the Government declared a state of emergency for both Kingston and St. Andrew. Evidently, all gunmen have barricaded themselves inside Tivoli Gardens, joined forces against the police, and are planning to launch coordinating attacks against security forces.

Would you believe all of this is over one man? The blatant and embarrassing ignorance of majority of the people in my country never ceases to amaze me. To know that they are willing to take down the entire country just for one man is disgusting!

If you ask me, they should just blow up all of Tivoli Gardens. It may sound cruel, but logically thinking I can assume that all who remain there are either foolish beyond my understanding, or are a part of the entire ordeal. What better opportunity than now to kill all of the high-risk gunmen in the country at once?

Furthermore, it will give the upcoming gunmen a chance to think twice about the life they want to live and which path they decide to travel.

#Dudus #JDF #Jamaica #tivoli #extradition

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