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Signs of Growing Up?

I have never been so busy in my life.

Taking on this pageant has really been a crazy commitment that leaves me yawning all day and requesting a wake-up team in order to get to class on time.

Balancing school, work, practice and getting things in order for my internship has been my life since my last post.

The days just go by so quickly that I don’t know where one begins and the other ends. This is the only time I have had to actually sit down idling in front of my computer for what seems like forever.

But I like it.

I deleted my Facebook long ago and for the first time I actually do not miss it. I have never had the urge to sign in, to inquire on anyone’s page or to even type it in my browser.

I like that too.

I know I could simply attribute that last bit to the fact that I have not really used my computer for anything non-school-related–but that in itself is an improvement. I know all too many people who find Facebook and Twitter to be the best distractions when they have homework or studying to be doing. Lucky for me, I am now an exception. (Even though I now have a Twitter I am not over-doing it, and hopefully I never will.)

As for my journalism career, my classes are definitely a challenge but it is one that I am rising to with no inhibitions. My internship opportunity has made me really excited to get my career started and I can’t wait to prove to the world, and myself, that I can do it.

My life has been so positive and filled with nothing but laughs and good memories since this semester started. I actually have nothing to complain about.

And it feels really really good.

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