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So About That Nap..

I most definitely got about 15 hours of sleep last night. What a drastic improvement from the usual tossing and turning endeavor that keeps me awake all night.

My first grammar test is tomorrow, and I cannot say I feel completely confident. Partly because I missed the review to go to the airport, and partly because phrases and clauses are rather confusing.

Let me explain that airport thing. The person who was supposed to carry myself and him to the airport had a sporadic test to take. Leaving us one hour before the flight with absolutely no ride. I exhausted my “friends” for the favour until I realised most of my friends up here do not drive. My old roomies were my first calls – I figured if I could count on anyone – but they all had class. No hard feelings, since it was super last minute. (When I say last minute I mean really.)

To add to the stress of trying to find a ride, I was halfway across my entirely too large neighbourhood checking my mail when it started to pour. (I tell you all the time Florida’s weather is unpredictable. What is it; You do not believe me?) By the time we got back to my room, we were drenched with water and had to put things together, change clothes, and rush out to catch the taxi that we ultimately had to pay a deadly $50 for those 22 miles to the airport.

Then after we saw the person off, my friend Bee-Marie and I were stranded at the airport for a few minutes. Thankfully Orlando Airport is like a mini-mall and we managed to pass the time until our ride came by taking pictures with Goofy and Snow white. I am sure all the little kids were looking at us and wondering “Sup with those girls? That’s MY GOOFY!”

Now can you see why I was tired? After my fun-filled weekend, and weeks of sleepless nights I think it was long overdue.

Is it mushy to hold hands with a significant other? I seem to be the only one in the world who does not think so. It probably does show affection, but I think it is a much more acceptable way to publicly do so without swapping spit and without making someone want to throw-up. Sometimes it says “You’re mine and I’d like to show you off to the world,” other times it is more like “hey let us pretend we are lesbians so that ugly guy over there does not come over.”

Why do I do it then? Because it makes me feel safe, in either instance. Everyone needs a hand to hold right? Both figuratively and literally.

So where do you draw the line? When is it acceptable to hold hands? I am not sure; but I think if you can take it for what it is then it is just holding hands. Nothing more, nothing less. Make it more complicated than that and well, it will be.

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