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Soro-what ?

This being my second year in college, maybe I should be ashamed by the next statement I will write, but here goes: What is a Sorority?

Before you jump the gun here, I’d like for you to walk with me for a minute.

I never payed much attention to American college life because well, I was not an American college student. Sure I have heard of fraternity’s and sorority’s (if I remember correctly my high school even tried a little something at one point; not sure how far that went) but what are they? What is the purpose of joining one? What do they stand for?

The only thing I have heard from those who decided to dedicate their time, life, and sometimes even grade point average to become a part of is for one word – networking. So, what you are saying is, in order to network, I need to allow myself to go through weeks of “secret torture” so that I can meet people? And then all 500 of us have to become “sisters” for the rest of my life? I’m sorry, what? I do not even like you like that Jasmine.

Excuse number 2: “You can put sigma on an application anywhere and the overseer will know exactly what that means.” Well, I am not a hiring manager, but enlighten me.

These organisations portray themselves superior to the individual. I know I have written about individualism in this country being a problem (or if not then keep your eyes open), but now it seems as though if you do not have sigma, alpha, delta, zeta, kappa etc behind your name, well then your qualifications just do not matter. You are just an individual, and who needs one of those when you can be a brother or a sister.

I do not understand. For an organisation that brags “prestige” why is it that the procedure in which to join has over the years caused a number of deaths and injuries to those who are interested? Why is it that the attitude amongst much of the Greeks is that of “Oh you’re not in greek life? I’m sorry.. Who are you?” I understand having a certain respect for those who were able to make it through “hell week” but do not think for a second that someone else who is simply not interested could not do it too if need be.

Another thing, what is with the secrecy? It almost feels like a cult. (And let me say, I am slightly afraid to even be writing about this right now.) What happens after you join? Do you then become a part of the initiation of the new folks? I mean who comes up with that initiation shit anyways? What if you change your mind? And why can’t I touch your cane! Is it sacred? Will lightning strike me five times?

Am I ever even going to get an answer to any of these questions?

I am thinking that is a no; but I am open to all objections.

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