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Spending All My Money On Ya, Süiza

Switzerland is super ‘spensive. I paid more for transportation here alone than I did to get to Europe from Miami and back.

That goes for my whole trip, though, now that I think about it. I’ve spent more money on transport than I have on places to sleep and food. I’m not really sure how I feel about that. While trains are super efficient and pretty sweet ways to get from country to country, (I actually wish we had a system as sophisticated to get from state to state) the intercity ones in the same country don’t need to cost so much. And I’m saying this even though I’ve probably not paid for about as many train rides as I have paid for. (It’s a risk you take. But of course, in Switzerland, they check.) It’s a bitter sweet feeling; caught somewhere in between “they better come and check my ticket after I paid so damn much for it” and “F it. I’m going on this train without buying a ticket and who’s gonna stop me?”

I was warned before I got here that this place was expensive but I guess I didn’t really know how expensive. (Four franks for a cup of tea. One frank for a post card. Six franks for a cheese sandwich.) I also didn’t know they had their own money. So I’ve got €20 left that will be added to my money collection back home. And now I have to go to the bank. Also, their money is worth more than the USD—about the same as the Euro. This just more of a reminder that America really isn’t shit.

I mean. That’s really impressive, don’t you think? It’s an impressive place in general. Their economy is obviously good and they are big on using only local food at restaurants. (These cows are from Thun. This cheese is from ___ dairy farm. These potatoes were grown in the restaurant garden.)

OK that last one I made up.

But yes, the price tag alone has me feeling like spending an extra day may not be the best idea. But then am I still going to feel that way a few months from now? Thinking “man I could’ve stayed an extra day in Switzerland and now I have to save for a year before I could even purchase a plane ticket to go there.” These are things you have to think about, as a traveler. The here and now. This moment. The only one that exists. Plus, I found the sweetest little note in the pocket of my freshly washed jeans jacket this morning from Pablo (I “left it in the lobby”). Maybe it’s not such a bad idea to build a relationship and get a tour of Zurich from a local who just happens to love my country and culture.

After all … This is what I said I wanted in my first blog right?

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