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Spring Cleaning in Summer

Father and I have spent the entire morning cleaning up the house. Usually he does this on his own, but today he needed some extra help. The occasion? Mother dearest and brother unlucky are coming.

Due to my slight ADD, Pops did most of the work. We swept, mopped, laundered, cooked, cleaned the bathroom, and changed the bedsheets. I’d like to mention that q-tips and shampoo work just as well if not better than soap and a sponge at taking up stains. Since the apartment is relatively small, it was not too much work, but just keep in mind this was all done in an apartment with no air condition. Luckily, there was a nice cool breeze out today to accompany the blazing sunshine.

We had advance preparation for today. Pops came in last night and gave me the heads up that he would be waking me early to start working. It is hard enough for me to get up for church and all I have to do is sit there and listen.

This next comment is for the folks without OCD who make fun of us super clean folks. My Febreeze-to-go came in pretty handy as part of the changing of the sheets fiasco. I bet you never thought I’d find use for it. I could tell some people were thinking that by the look on their face when they saw it in my handbag. (I’d like to see the look on their face upon discovering my disposable travel-sized toilet seat covers.)

One more thing, just to remind you that I am in Jamaica. In the midst of my folding clothes and watching the tele, I heard a few sporadic gunshots that were of pretty close range. I would tell you it was in my backyard so you can imagine the proximity, but this is a second floor apartment – there is no backyard. Either way, there were about 10 shots fired all together, and some folks screaming.

Hearing gunshots from here is nothing out of the ordinary of course, but 10 in a matter of a few minutes is more than we are used to. The only noise I have yet to hear is the sound of a police siren. But believe me when I tell you; I am not holding my breath.

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