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Story time

Remember that story I told you about? The one I had to write for my grammar class? Well I figured I would post each episode on my blog. Enjoy 🙂

Episode 1:

Andrew’s usual morning routine went a little something like this; Wake up, take a 7-minute shower, put on jeans and a t-shirt, make breakfast, brush his teeth, and head out to class.

You see, Andrew was your average college freshman, with his independent skills growing but still somewhat inchoate. He went to Ohio State University with an undecided major – the only thing he was ever certain about in his life was well, nothing.

High school for Andrew was just like high school should be; a bunch of immature students walking around in their limited friendship groups, going from class to class. It was four years of not learning anything more than how to make friends with teachers and pretend to do homework at home.

Now that he was in college, 200 miles from everyone he knew, Andrew experienced a loneliness that was intimidating even to a 6-foot, average build, 19-year old college freshman. Fortunately for him, he was one of those good looking boys without hubris – humility works way better for making friends.

Thus far, he lived a pretty average life. He never experienced anything traumatic to bemoan until one morning when he was awakened by an unusual pain in his chest. Not being very paranoid, Andrew never took heed to the pain, and attempted to go about his day as he did with every other. The routine continued until one morning when the pain exacerbated and he decided to go to the doctor.

Have you ever thought about what you might do if your life had a time limit?

On that “regular” morning, Andrew was forced to answer this question. The doctor came back with the result after less than 30 minutes: “I am sorry to tell you this Andrew,” he said laconically, “But you have an extremely rare heart problem, and you only have a year left to live.”

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