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Sun, Sand, and Snorkels

Today was a good day – much better than yesterday at least. Perhaps it was because I went the entire day without getting one unwanted email.

I decided to take a day to put down the phone, and pick up the snorkels. Have I ever mentioned how much I love water? Well, for all the days I have spent soaking up the sun, I realised I had yet to explore the reef just behind the beach I frequent – I got a boat ride out of it too. I really think one year I should play tourist when I come home and visit all the attractions that make us money. I am quite sure there are a handful of places in this country that would blow me away.

The reef is gorgeous and the day would have been perfect had the winds been just a bit lighter. Either way, the water was clear, the sky was blue, and the fish were out. Needless to say, I enjoyed the snorkel with a few good friends and him – though the waves and sun drained our energy. I would have some pictures for you, but my memory card is currently NOT in my camera. I hope to better get it back by tomorrow.

The only downfall to the day was something that happened to my brother. (We are going to call him Brother Unlucky from now on.) He may not want this all over the internet, but I have to dedicate some part of today’s blog to the jerk of an officer who decided to pull him over – happy 21st birthday by the way. Did you know you can get a ticket for handing an officer an expired registration by accident? Then when he comes back to tell you, you correct your mistake by giving him the correct registration, and he tells you it is too late?

Vehicle registration and licenses expire on your birthday – but I am pretty sure they have to wait until midnight before they can punish you for it. If ever you decided to go to the Gator capital of Gainesville Florida, let me warn you, the Alachua County Police officers have nothing to do.

Lesson to learn? Don’t drive on your birthday.

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