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Swine Flu: The Con

For all overly patriotic, nationalistic, and close-minded individuals, let me be the first to let you know that the swine flu is a con.

Also, if you have not figured it out yet, if you are not amongst the top 1% of the world’s wealth, the U.S Government cares as much about you as they do a single leaf on one of the maple trees planted on their 200-acre land. To go even further, I will also be the first to let you know that the United States is in fact a third world FASCIST nation. (Please, hold on to your panties and briefs.)

Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I will be happy to go in depth.

In 2005, it was foretold that toward the end of the year 2009, more and more Americans will begin dying off, as a part of the depopulation plan of the government, from preventable diseases such as CANCER, SWINE FLU, AIDS, HEART DISEASE, HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE.. And the list goes on. (The underlying theme to this “fight against Global warming” is that there are too many humans on the earth. They don’t give two shits truly care if you recycle or not.)

FACT: The earth has a natural ability to exude all excess carbon dioxide from its atmosphere and also has natural warming and cooling trends. (Source: Huntsville’s Earth System Science Centre.)

You mean cancer is preventable and Global warming is not a real issue? Yes, that is exactly what I mean. What we really needed to focus on was the overuse of non-renewable resources. Not the unreliable recorded temperatures of the Earth.

The way I see it, the swine flu was the second biggest and most blatant con I have observed in my lifetime, behind 9/11 of course. (I would not necessarily consider global warming a con because the earth is probably slightly warmer than it used to be.)

How many of you were told way back when we were still sad about the twin towers that the “War on Terrorism” was really just America going into Iraq for oil? (You all were, Michael Moore made a movie.) And how many of you primarily believed that? None of you did. I am completely certain that the majority of the population of this country genuinely believed that we went to war against Al-Qaeda. (Ha, remember that word?)

When was the last time you heard about Al-Qaeda or Bin Laden? Exactly my point. George Bush (brilliantly!) played on the temporary passion of the United States’ citizens. After the attacks of September 11, no patriotic citizen in their “right mind” was against the war. None! And who did we end up killing? Saddam Hussein. I truly truly wish I could accurately express how furious I was the day they killed that man. A publicly-televised HANGING? With NO OBJECTIONS from anyone in this country? You have to be kidding me.

That was the first con. It was never about the way he treated the citizens of his country. The Sunni’s and Shiites have been at war since before Christ.

As for the swine flu; did you take time to notice how much publicity was put into these “flu shots?” What better way to CON the population into getting a vaccination than by telling them that it will save their lives. They made it a nationwide –>competition to get the flu shot – and the school with the most would win a free concert.

Now every cleaning solvent commercial talks about h1n1 – and even mentions that you, the viewer, needs to get the flu shot (again!). I have never seen such a publicized and emphasized vaccination in my life. It makes me wonder: why on earth would they want us to get it so badly? (Other than making us believe they really care about our well-being.) Give it a few years and I feel badly for all the folks who ran out like robots and got the vaccination.

FACT: The swine flu, also known as h1n1, was created in a laboratory. It is the same strain as used in 1918 in the Spanish Flu endemic. (Source: Centre For Disease Control)

FACT: HIV/aids was also created in a lab. And just to emphasize the obvious, the world is just sitting around awaiting the day that enough of the dark-skinned Africans die out from said disease so they can take over the most important continent on the planet. (I am sure you have heard of the New World Order. As you know, Europe has been united, creating the EU and the Euro; a concept soon to be fully emulated by African nations – creating the AU; Caribbean countries into Caricom, and North America into NAU – that last name is still pending. You will never see that on the news though; after all, why would we need to know if the world leaders are uniting their countries into one? It is not like we live in this world or anything.)

FACT: No disease can kill you unless you give up! Your mind plays an enormous role on the fatality of anything you feel you may have, but when every television station and news article is telling you that 500,000 people die from swine or cancer or whatever, when you are inflicted with the disease, you will automatically and subconsciously put a time limit on your life; unless of course, you have a wonderful support system. My advice to those who do not have that support; when you get sick, go to a different country for health care!

Do your research.

What people do not understand is that those who we elect into office to represent our needs, are not there to do anything of the sort. Change? Not at all. They are not implemented to cause change; they are implemented to keep everything the same. The events of this country have been carefully planned out by the “enlightened ones” since the days when the CONstitution was created. They have successfully kept the general public ignorant and complacent; making us believe that we are the world’s superpower. That is a joke! We have not been a superpower since after the First World War.

“Keeping people hopeless and pessimistic is the best way to govern them. An educated, healthy, and confident nation is harder to govern.” Tony Benn

Everything is manipulated so that we remain ignorant; and the most popular form of manipulation is the media. They told us we were in a recession – lie – they told us swine flu was from pigs – lie – they told us George Bush was against terrorism – lie – they told us the world was going to end in 2000 – lie – they told us iPhones and 3G networks are the new cutting edge technology – lie – they told us that Cuba is inhumanely communist – lie – they told us that Castro is the devil – lie – they told us that free health care is a bad thing – lie – they told us that socialism is the second biggest evil to communism – lie – they told us that global warming is the biggest issue we face – lie – they told us that everyone in the world wants to be an American – lie – they told us that we are the biggest, richest, and most developed nation in the world – LIE; I could go on for days.

They have turned the idea of “independence” into sheer selfishness by completely avoiding the aftermath of being independent – interdependence. They have allowed and most times required that mainstream musicians – their puppets – spread their messages of materialism, greed, and lust through songs and videos that should be banned according to censorship, another concept that is slowly disappearing . All of this while the general population just sits around listening to the songs, taking the word of politrick-ians for The Gospel, and working their ass off day in and day out just so they can one day emulate the “success” of those people they see on MTV Cribs.

FACT: Most of the houses on Cribs are not the real houses of those people. (Source: The celebrities who live in my neighbourhood.)

FACT: The Al-Qaeda “terrorists” that are being held on Guantanamo Bay – against the writ of habeas corpus – are the only folks on American territory who get free health care; that is more than we can say. (Source: Michael Moore)

FACT: In my home country, Jamaica, you can get better and more advanced cellular phones than what are available in the US electronic market, and there is a phone company that supports video calls.

FACT: In China, a man can ride a bicycle on a laser beam! But wait, that defies the limitations of the physical world was we know it … Well, unlike our government, the Chinese government dedicates themselves to pushing their citizens to the limit. They want them to go above and beyond what everyone knows as “reality,” creating out-of-this-world technology and breaking boundaries that have been around for years. Never wondered why almost everything is made in China, Japan, and Vietnam? Oh, I see.

FACT: Fascism is a political ideology that seeks to combine radical and authoritarian nationalism with a corporatist economic system. (Corporate America!) (Source: Encyclopedia)

The best part is that most Americans opt to remain in the dark. If it is not directly written out on Chanel 4 news or in the New York Times, it is either “not true” or not worth reading. That is why there are so many things available online for those who seek it and the government does not care to remove any of it: they know that no one is going to look it up and the select few who do are crazy and will be largely ignored.

FACT: The unemployment rate of the US as of October 2009 is 9.5 percent. That is more than twice the rate of an ideal country. More food for thought; the unemployment rate in Cuba is 1.6 percent. That says a lot about our “democracy” doesn’t it? (Source: U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics)

And then they make us believe we are not a third world country. Oh please; that could not be further from the truth.

Oh, and I am definitely prepared — after this blog — to not ever get a job in this country, but somehow I am okay with that because I plan to get out of here A.S.A.P.

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