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Switzerland, My Captor 

Apparently I’m not supposed to leave Switzerland.

I was totally irresponsible and missed my flight yesterday and it was seemingly my only chance to get out of Switzerland, and mostly Europe in general, for the next few days. (My best option looks like a flight from Milan to Miami tomorrow evening.)

I’ve been on a transportation-screw-up roll. If I didn’t know any better I’d think Mercury was in retrograde. I have no one else to blame but myself, though. From the moment I missed my train to Zürich I went downhill. It led to me getting to Switzerland super late, thus going to sleep super late, thus waking up super late, thus getting to Interlaken super late, thus going to bed late again and then finally not being able to wake up in time for the flight that for sure would’ve taken me home.

Domino effect much?

I really didn’t even really need to spend an extra day in Zürich. Sure, I actually got to see the city in the day for once, but as I told Pablo—see one city and you’ve seen them all.

Yes I’m aware of how generic and awful that sounds, and it definitely is beautiful. But aside from architectural differences, all city cultures and atmospheres across the world are basically the same. Same kind of people with the same kind of goals and the same kind of lifestyle.

Sue me.

Still, last night I got to meeting some cool people from the U.S. I also ate some super delightful cherries and had orange carrot juice for the first time. I was up late again, as I have been this entire trip, and even though my alarm did not go off this morning at all, I still woke up in time to get to the airport super early. But it wasn’t enough.

Somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean is an American airline en route to JFK, New York, with not one seat empty. And in that plane are all my desires to rest up in my own bed before returning to work on Monday, take a nice shower in my own bathroom, check on my garden, and get rid of these damn bags. I’m watching it glide through the sky right now and shaking my head at myself for being so reckless while, as usual, sitting on a train in Switzerland, heading back to Zürich city centre to try and figure what on Earth I should do next.

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