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This is my formal renunciation of my Blackberry phone.

I got the wake up call a few weeks ago when I went to watch Grown Ups. The two little boys who played Adam Sandler’s children were stuck up technology-dependent brats who knew nothing about the outside besides the fact that the grass is green. They used their phones to call people who were in the same house as them just so they were not forced to get up off their asses behinds and talk to the person face-to-face. (It did not help much that they were too busy playing video games to take a moment to pause.)

If you ask me, that was a hidden message–and I am almost certain not everyone caught it. I’ve yapped about it before and will continue to as long as it keeps getting worse. These new generations are too anti-social. I wish someone could send a worldwide memo to let people know that social networking sites are not equivalent to having an actual social life–with real people. These days you go out to a social event or party and everyone is looking down at their phone screens. Since when do we go out to use cell phones? For what it’s worth you can certainly stay home and do that. When you are out, you are out; put the phone away!

I wish my “Rules for Blackberries” came with every new purchase of the phone. I wonder if I can make an agreement with T-mobile and Cingular?

What’s funniest to me is that my brother used to tease me about my cell phone and how often I sent text messages and now he has gotten so annoyingly addicted to his Blackberry that it drives me insane. Whether he is driving, sleeping, eating, cleaning or showering matters not. The blackberry has become a part of his vitality.

Being a blackberry veteran I can safely say the BB craze has gotten completely out of control. I was always unique when it came to my phones and now I go out and everyone has the same phone and is trying to add me to their list. (Not that they have any intention of ever speaking to me on it or anything.) I started out with but five people on my Blackberry Pearl two years ago and now I have well over 60–and that’s because I delete people as often as I can.

I can’t keep up.

I really wish I could go back to a Nokia 3310, but to find one of those now and make that transition would be horrendous. So where do I find my middle ground?

Well, considering the fact that email has taken over, it would only make sense to get a phone with internet. Which one you say? Just to go out with a BANG, i’m thinking I will cross over to the dark side and get myself an iPhone.

Call me a sell out if it pleases you, but as soon as the kinks are worked out, that iphone 4 is MINE!

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