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The Bathing Suit

I celebrated the last week of classes for my sophomore year with two consecutive days by the pool. Despite being three shades darker and having a peeling nose and sunburnt shoulders, I have concluded that life is better in a bathing suit.

Some think that bathing suits are not for everyone, but I think that if we could walk around in them 365 days a year, the world would be a better place.

There is a method to my madness.

When I am in a bathing suit, though I am not half as confident as I portray, I still feel like there is much to be happy about; yes I do realise I am quite the biased source here considering the water is my natural habitat. (A few months into my being I was thrown into the shallow end of the pool and told to either sink or swim; obviously I swam– and never stopped swimming.)

As for the outside-the-water parading, I associate swimsuits with hot sunny beautiful relaxing days by the pool or by the sea. Either location you choose to identify with it still has a positive “life is amazing” ring to it. It also helps you work on your confidence and pride. (If you can walk around in a bathing suit then you will be unstoppable in any and everything else!)

I could live with that feeling everyday.

But wait, there is more. The layers of clothing we wear on hot sunny days when we are not by the water are excessive. Some little boy or girl somewhere probably laboured all day and night so you could wear that cotton shirt, pit stains and all. I think we could spare that poor child, and the lucky folks who don’t ever sweat but have to watch you walk by with a wet shirt when it never rained that day. I believe it is far less time-consuming and much easier to simply make bathing suits and swim trunks than it is to make t-shirts and jeans.

Call me crazy, but I do believe that the more clothes I wear during the winter the colder I feel. I have argued the point that cold weather creeps into your clothing and cancels out your natural body heat. Perhaps this is the culprit. The more layers I wear the more opportunity for creeping and the more hiding places for success. Furthermore, it only takes but so long for me to adjust to the low temperature.

Still, I do not expect anyone to walk around in a bathing suit during winter time in Alaska. (I never did find it helpful to think of “hot summer days” during the cold months in order to warm up.)

As for every other time, I think parading around in swimwear is a great idea. So long as it helps you think of bright, sunny, and happy days, wearing swimwear all the time could really be a positive thing.

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