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The Resurrection of Ms. Grammatically Correct

What a long first day back in school; and the complaints begin.

I definitely was not myself today; the day just started off on a tiring note. As usual, I had my 4am tossing and turning endeavour, only to roll around and think about all the items I need for class the next morning. Due to my lack of internet (Thank the Lord I just got that sorted out) I was unable to get online to print my class schedule. The one copy I did have was given to the leasing office on Saturday for “records.” This meant that I went on campus at 9am without a single clue which class I was to attend, in which building, and how many classes I had for the day.

I know what you are thinking. I should have familiarized myself with the schedule beforehand. But let me remind you, my brain is still on vacation.

To ramble on about more disorganisation, I also showed up with no supplies. (Not that I truly needed them but I am usually so over-prepared that I have enough to share with others.) I guess due to my cluelessness about my classes and schedule, the supplies were not necessary. I even went as far as flipping out because I thought I registered for the wrong Spanish class. I worried about the fact that all classes may be full, and I refuse to take anything less than 12 credits. As it turns out, I was in the right class all along.

My first two classes were all about the teacher dictating his or her policies, procedures, and whatever else they decided would be important. (You know the usual rambling that could really last for a simple 5 minutes if they would just hand out the syllabus, tell everyone to read it, and call it a day. )

***Random-ocity*** This has nothing to do with classes, but I also forgot to pack socks, so my planned gym escapade is now being put on hold. I am very upset about this by the way. I really wanted to get to the gym! Apart from my capricious behaviour, I will admit that I am uncommonly excited for my Grammar and Composition class. My teacher is very entertaining and all who thought I was bad with corrections have no idea. I feel bad for all the people on my facebook and msn who are always grammatically incorrect. I will be 10 times worse after this class gets through with me.

I can’t wait.

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