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The Root of all Evil

Who was the asshole who came up with the concept of money?

I really wish I could find a picture of him on Google, and put it on my blog and say IT WAS THIS GUY! And then blame him for all the problems of the world. He took convenience to a level it never ever needed to reach.

The purpose of that ^ rambling is because money is always the problem; never the solution. You feel good when you make an extra dollar, only to have to spend that plus 10 more within the next minutes, hours, days, whatever. Bills here, bills there, bills everywhere.

I hate it.

What is the number one cause for divorce? Financial Stress. Why do we fight wars? Financial power. Why do we go to school? To be financially stable. Why do we want to be financially stable? So we can perpetuate the cycle.

I know I am drawing on the obvious here, but I have to tell you, at 19 years old I am thoroughly frustrated. I am thinking about going to live in the mountains of Peru where I can run around naked, bathe in rivers, cook, and have babies. (I know I have said I do not want children but I think I would prefer that lifestyle instead. If it was not for grammar class and him I promise you I would have lost my mind already because I don’t do routine. It is far too.. routine.)

Every familial argument is always about money, or the lack thereof. There has to be a way to free yourself of financial obligations. Why can’t it be that we just pay for the basics. Light, water, food, gas – and the occasional entertainment. Why does it cost so damn much to have a cell phone? Why the car insurance? Why the mortgage for the other 4837658 places when you can only live in one, or the car payments for the other 80977663 cars when you only need one.

People need to learn to simplify, just stick with the necessities so money does not have to rule your mind. I guarantee to you that the money does not care half as much about you as you do about it.

Last time I checked, it was just a piece of paper.

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