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The Summer is Back

Yesterday was my last day of school for Spring semester 2010.

I ended the year off with a full score on my Spanish essay and a 92 on the last quiz. I also took the final in the morning and walked out with confidence. The only thing that somewhat shattered my confidence was the fact that I had been told the night before to be extra cautious that day.

Evidently a rumour was going around the school that there would be a possible shooting on campus for what was generally the last and biggest day of final exams. I was just leaving my old roommates’ apartment on Wednesday night when I heard the news. We had had a wonderful few hour long last conversation about everything under the sun and were just about to get mushy with our goodbyes.

One of the girls in the apartment got a text message from someone who she says never sends out “forwards.” The message was informing her that she should be aware of a possible shooting during “prime time” on Thursday. No details were listed and our minds began wondering. We talked about all kinds of reasons why it could be true as well as reasons why it wouldn’t be.

In the end, we all decided we would not take any chances. Since we all had finals at the same time we got one of the roommates to drop us to class in the morning so we could avoid walking across campus. I also decided to tell my mother to see if she had any ideas of what I should do, and I was even considering emailing my teacher and trying to reschedule the final. She hung up with me and immediately called the UCF police, who told her they were aware of the situation and had the man under control. (What! So you mean someone was really going to shoot up the school? Is that a joke?)

The next morning I found out that the incident was published in the school newspaper the night before. It was purposely not broadcasted through our Emergency text/email messaging system because authorities did not want to alarm the students during finals; though I am not sure I agree with that message. I’d always rather be safe than sorry.

Either way, in the end, all was calm on the UCF campus. We all went, took our tests, and left.

Now I am back in my house, on summer vacation, and loving every minute of it.

In memory of Alexander Joel Martin King who would have been 24 today. Gone but never forgotten. Our fallen Angel.

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