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You knew this was coming.

So … Here it is.

It takes everything in me, every day, every time I look on Twitter, to NOT go ape-shit and correct all of the obvious and irritating mistakes I see in people’s tweets. I mean, we are all human. I get that. And with that comes a sort of entitlement to making mistakes. But at this age, in this generation where Google ends all debates and discussions before they even begin, the only pass I can give out to college students and graduates is for typos (and maybe auto correct).

But you can’t blame auto correct when you say “there car” instead of “THEIR car.”

What does it take for people to use the English language the way it was taught? To know that an apostrophe is used when letters are being left out or to indicate possession. Or that “women” is plural and “woman” is singular. Or that “then” is used for sequence and “than” for comparison. Or that “too” and “to” are not interchangeable.

What is  the  issue.

Did we all not have to take English or Language Arts in school? Is it that we have some sort of amnesia or selective memory? Is it that our generation reads less?  Is it that we are so over-exposed to shoddy grammar and punctuation every day that after a while it is hard to tell what is right from wrong? Is it contagious? Should I invest in an antidote?

I mean really. Any day I decide to go on a correcting spree will be the day I lose damn near every single one of my followers. And for a “more educated” and “exposed” generation of beings … that really is the biggest chagrin.

Please people: Start reading more books — and less “tweegrams.”

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