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Water Balloons and Swingsets

I think I’ve figured out why I love it here so much. (The beautiful weather is just a plus.) One word: Simplicity.

To each his own; and I’d consider myself a simple girl. That might explain why I seem to be so out-of-place in Florida. You just can’t live a simple life up there, at least not where I’m from. Everyone is chasing after some kind of wealth, even though they claim “money is the root of all evil.” Too bad in a place like the US, I can speak since I know, you cannot live without a constant supply. So it might surprise you to know that here, we can. And no, I don’t mean by sponging off others.

Most people don’t need to even buy groceries from a supermarket. Just go to the backyard, or catch a fish or two, pick a breadfruit, and then make some fresh fruit juice. It may sound pretty prehistoric to you, but you might be surprised how much healthier and happier you would be.

As for me, either I am easily entertained, or just happy to be home, but it takes nothing to make me smile. Sitting around under the big tree with my family and friends, drinking freshly squeezed fruit juices, and eating sugar cane works just fine for me. Or if I am feeling a bit nostalgic, give me a swing and some water balloons and I will make do with that. Oh the thrills.

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My inner child misses me, you know. It begs to come out and play all too often. So when my cousins happened upon a pack of water balloons, I decided to unleash. I didn’t go crazy and throw them at every car that passed or anything. But come on, when was the last time you had a water balloon fight?

All of that aside, the cousins are all super young, BUT it gave me ideas. Stay tuned for a real water balloon escapade with people who are actually my age.

Until then. This star apple juice is delicious!

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You use your toes when you swim. (All 10 of them.)

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