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Aside from the obvious change in design, there are a few other changes I have made to my blog for what I am going to call its rebirth.

But before I point them out, I would first like to welcome any new readers I may have gotten from Twitter or Instagram, and thank my tried and true original readers for sticking with me.

As you will learn very quickly, I am 5 feet of pure sarcasm and random-osity. (Remember that one?)

I started this blog in July 2009 because people kept telling me that this is where I belong — and it served me quite well to document whatever college life I did have. It is like a diary — but better. Mostly because I can entertain and relate to people with my unedited and unfiltered thoughts. Fortunately for you all, I have never been one to be overly emotional or sappy. (And whenever I do have those random moments that remind me that I am, in fact, a woman, I never really get to sharing them in this public manner.)

So again, I say, welcome.

I switched around my profile and my blog posts, which you will now find on the left. I have also added two tabs up top: This Week’s Favourite and Life Through My Lens. The first of the two I will dedicate to one of my older blog posts, one I wrote perhaps when no one was following or reading. I find it quite entertaining to go back and read some of the things I wrote when I was younger, and that page is to hoping you will as well.

The latter of the two is where I will post photos, mostly of nature, that I take with my iPhone. (Oh come on, you knew I was going to switch sooner or later. But I won’t ever speak badly about my Blackberry, though, as many a blog were written in my Notes at the very moment I got inspiration.)

Most of the photos I post there will be my unedited property, unless otherwise stated. So please, look but don’t take.

For this week, my favourite blog post is a light-hearted post from July 2009.

I hope you enjoy.

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