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I am really surprised that I never came on here to express my elation with the fact that my editor gave me time off from work for the holidays. I am also, though not equally, surprised that I never came on here to express my subsequent, albeit short-term, depression following the disclosure of something I was expecting but dreading.

I must have been too busy dealing with emotions.

Although the time off doesn’t really surmount the bad news, I can’t say enough how perfect the timing was and how it wound me up and kept me together before I even got the chance to fall apart.

And we both know the obvious answer to what I did with two weeks off of work; but I’ll tell you anyway.

I went to Jamaica. (Surprise!)

But this trip, was different. I went down there by myself with basically no plans outside of going to the beach. If they allowed me to bring a hammock and my suitcase I really think I’d have slept right on Doctor’s Cave Beach every night.

Still, no matter the occasion or the circumstances, there is one thing that always remains: I never want to leave. No matter how frustrating it is going to the cambio and finding out they have no money.. Or getting clamped on bottom road for not buying a parking ticket even though the rules are always changing.. Or having to wait an hour in the KFC drive-through when the line isn’t even that long.. Or waiting six hours in the airport because the flight crew needs to sleep.. Or just the simple fact that there is basically no form of organization or preparedness or even discipline when dealing with business.

Because despite all of that, there is just a warmth and a welcome there that is unmatched. Every time I go home, I recenter and come back with a rejuvenated perception and attitude. I get a lot of thinking and observing done in between the beach days and trips to visit my family that is always humbling and inspiring.

There is nothing like being around genuine people who are at peace with the little they have — people who are not always on the hunt for more of what they don’t need under the guise that it will supplement their otherwise empty personalities or fill a void they don’t even know they have. Just more stuff that they simply use to hide the fact that they are so incomplete as human beings.

It’s so refreshing seeing that people actually can be content.

I am always and forever grateful that I am able to take these trips, even still now that I am working. If I weren’t able to go home every now and then, I surely would eventually fall apart.

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