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Women Cannot Be Pleased

I know what you are thinking. “You are a woman.” Well, yes I am but that does not mean I cannot admit a flaw. Though I almost want to believe that it is just humankind in general that cannot be pleased.

My point here is that my email no longer comes to my blackberry. I know I have been complaining about getting unwanted emails from Mrs. Over-excited-much, but I think I would rather have the option of canceling my account than it just randomly deciding to not work. It has actually been a few days since it made up it’s mind to do so, and I have to say it really bothers me. Partly because school is next week and I feel like I might be missing out on some important information, partly because I am too lazy to use the computer to check it, and partly because I can no longer get my Facebook notifications.

The funny thing about this is that I complain about the facebook application and how it annoys me. This is why I say women cannot be pleased. This and the fact that my mother plays testament to this notion on a daily basis.

Another unpleasing recent event is the fact that my flight extension is supposedly ending tomorrow. I have to be at the airport by 8 a.m., and I am not even sure I will make the flight. I could actually be sitting down in the airport for hours only to in the end come right back home and be here for another day. This also means that I have to pack, enjoy today as my last beach day, and prepare my mind for schoolwork.

I am not excited about this at all.

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