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Wyndham Weekend

I suppose after a long holiday weekend like the one that just passed you would expect me to write some kind of interesting blog about what I did, what I did not do, and a tv-worthy incident I can rhetorically dramatise.

Well, I have none. I spent the weekend relaxing at a hotel in Orlando with brother unlucky, brother lizi, mother dearest, her friends, and their children. We did pool things, played kalooki, did random living room aerobics, talked, slept, and most importantly, ATE.

I swear I gained back the 5lbs I thought I lost after being in college for 2 weeks. (Did I tell you? I went on another scale and it read 110. That is more like it.)

I also went shopping. How could I forget? I finally got my financial aid, and abused it by going to my fave outlet mall. I spent way too much money, but let’s not talk about it. The good part is that I feel much better with life. Not that I’m a material girl, but it felt good to update my wardrobe for the first time since I graduated high school. I would say that is long over-due.

On to the more important shopping. Groceries. I was finally able to buy water and food for my apartment. Now I can start cooking again instead of starving myself. It almost makes me excited to go back to school, but that is only until I remember the “schoolwork” part of this whole ordeal. Then it becomes quite depressing. Life after 18 is just work, work, more work, and that is it. When do we get to just relax, travel the world, and be merry? The in between time is definitely not enough.

Can I be 6 again; please?

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